Kimlan Foods Co. Ltd. started its history in Taiwan and has been one of the dominant forces in the global soy sauce and seasoning market for the past 72 years. Seasoning is an integral part of cooking. Kimlan soy sauce makes a dish extraordinary by enhancing the dish's ingredients rather than overwhelming it like other brands of soy sauce. According to history, the Chinese word "Jiang" or sauce was invented as early as 3000 years ago during the Zhou Dynasty. In ancient times, sauce meant salt or fermented fish/grains. A thick layer of oil forms on top of fermented fish/grains. Due to the high level of oil contained in the sauce, the Chinese called it "Jiang You", which means sauce with oil. It was not until 1500 years ago during the Tang Dynasty that rice, wheat and beans were used to make soy sauce. This was the beginning evolutionary stage of soy sauce.