Q. Why does Kimlan Soy Paste lose its consistency over time?
A. Kimlan Soy Paste has its thick consistency due to the starch from the glutinous rice that is required to make soy paste. The starch becomes less effective in keeping the soy paste thick once it is exposed to either high temperature, the sun and/or air. Therefore we suggest you to refrigerate the product after opening.

Q. Why is Kimlan Soy Sauce Black?
A. Kimlan Soy Sauce is not actually black but a very deep brown. This color is naturally produced due to the heating of sugar and anjiswan that is required to make Kimlan Soy Sauce.

Q. Why is there white residue in the Kimlan Wheat Gluten/Peanut Gluten product?
A. That white residue is actually starch that is produced when the wheat gluten is being made. Leaving some starch makes the gluten chewier and therefore more enjoyable to eat. Eat at ease, it is not mold.

Q. Why is it darker on top than it is on the bottom in the Kimlan Wheat/Peanut Gluten product?
A. Kimlan Wheat/Peanut Gluten darker top is the result of the wheat gluten marinade not being able to fully cover the wheat gluten during the pasteurization process. Please eat at ease. This does not affect the quality of the product.

Q. Why do Kimlan Pickled Vegetable products turn moldy when it has not been opened?
A. Products would only turn moldy if exposed to air. This may accidentally occur if the product is knocked against something. So before buying please check the safety button located on top of the lid to ensure it is depressed to ensure freshness.

Q. I bought some Kimlan products, but it expired before the expiration date.
A. The expiration date actually reflects the shelf life of the product if it is unopened. Therefore we recommend refrigerating and/or consuming the product as soon as possible after opening.

Q. Kimlan Soy Sauce is too salty
A. Kimlan Foods has a vast array of soy sauce products to satisfy every individual’s palate. If it is too salty, we recommend trying our low sodium variety.

Q. Where can I buy Kimlan products?
A. Kimlan products can be located at your local supermarket. However, if your local store does not carry any of our products you may contact us at your local branch office:
Taichung (04)27085937
Kaoshiong (07)7013051
Toll free customer service: 0800311966