The Honors Earned in Pursuit of the Perfact Soy Sauce    


1977 Became the first soy sauce company to package our product in clear bottles
1977 Received the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology’s New Product Development Award
1979 Imported the first Japanese waste-water treatment system to be used by a factory in Taiwan
1982 Named a Grade-A Quality Control Export Factory
1985 Won first place in the nationwide Taiwan Industrial Pollution Prevention Drive
1986 Imported Taiwan’s largest continuous soybean steamer, fully-automated temperature controlled yeast production equipment, and outdoor FRP fermentation tanks
1987 Named Taiwan’s First GMP-Certified Food Product Factory
1995 Award of Excellence for Food Hygiene and Safety
2000 Received the French International Food and Beverage Award
2005 Awarded Superbrand status by Superbrands Asia
2007 「HACCP」and「ISO22000」certified
2011 27th International Award for Quality in Food & Beverages, Madrid Spain
2010-2013 Superior Taste Award by iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute, Belgium)
2013 「Halal」certified for Soy Sauce Products Certified