The Third Generation            


In 1985, Mr. 鍾德尚became the third president of Kimlan and worked tirelessly to computerize and automate Kimlan’s production management. In 1986, we imported the world’s largest continuous soybean steamer with the capacity to cook 4,000 kilograms of soybeans each hour, vastly improving our efficiency. We also installed fully-automated temperature controlled yeast production equipment which both increased yeast production and ensured stable yeast quality. To keep up with the increased output, we also added outdoor fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) fermentation tanks, making Kimlan, Taiwan’s largest producer of naturally-brewed soy sauces. In 1987, the company was christened Kimlan Foods Co. Ltd. to better represent our increasingly diversified products, including the launch of chicken essence line, 雪花釀(酒釀), and Taiwan’s first home-grown brand of barbeque sauce. Our high production standards earned us the honor of becoming the first food product factory in Taiwan to become GMP certified. In 1994, Mr. 鍾德亨took over the reigns of Kimlan to become our fourth president. Three years later, in order to expand our market share and decrease production costs, Kimlan opened a soy sauce and pickled vegetables factory in Wuxi, China and an agricultural product processing plant in Zhangzhou, China. Our core technology is still developed in Taiwan, while the goods produced in these factories are sold domestically and exported to Japan, Europe, and the Americas. The addition of production capacity in China opened up new markets for our goods and increased Kimlan’s market penetration rate.