The Second Generation              


The company passed down to the second generation when Mr. 鍾秋桂 became president in 1960. He achieved widespread name recognition for Kimlan Soy Sauce through his dedication to high standards in every aspect of the business. It was only natural to rename the company 金蘭醬油食品股份有限公司after our star product in 1970. In October 1976, we relocated from Taoyuan City to a much larger facility in Dashi Township, enabling us to diversify our product offerings and manufacture on a larger scale while still maintaining strict quality controls. In 1977, we showed our innovation by being the first to sell our sauces in clear bottles, a trend followed by many to this day. Increased production capacity also facilitated global expansion and opened new markets for Kimlan around the world. In 1982, we were named a Grade-A Quality Control Export Factory. Being recognized for our commitment to quality was a great honor, but we are not ones to rest on our laurels. Instead, Kimlan began to concentrate on fulfilling our responsibilities to health and the environment. We introduced healthier options like 薄鹽, 鼓舌, 薏仁, and 飄香, receiving the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology’s New Product Development Award for our efforts. In 1979, Kimlan was the first to import an advanced Japanese waste-water treatment system that utilizes the activated sludge process to purify our factory’s wastewater. In 1985, Kimlan was awarded first place in the nationwide Taiwan Industrial Pollution Prevention Drive.