The First Generation              


The year was 1936 and Taiwan was a colony in Japan’s empire. Based on the fact that the majority of the foodstuff enterprises in his country were owned and operated by Japanese, Mr. 鍾番was inspired to develop Taiwan’s own local industry and create new employment opportunities for the people of Taiwan. To realize this goal, he recruited a group of like-minded local men and together they founded 大同商業株式會社 on May 8, 1936. Mr. 鍾番 was named president of the company and started out producing two varieties of soy sauce. In his quest to produce the best, Mr. 鍾番 researched traditional Chinese and Japanese brewing techniques, insisting upon the highest standards at every stage of production. His determination and hard work established the foundation for Kimlan’s stellar reputation for flavor and quality. After the end of the colonial period, the company was renamed大同商事股份有限公司.