Near eighty years of the best              


Nearly three stories tall, the towering bottles of soy sauce and giant-sized pickle jars that greet visitors at the gates of the Kimlan factory have become local landmarks. They also symbolize Kimlan’s 75 years of commitment to quality and our loyal customer following. Every morning, as we enter through those doors, we are reminded of our part in this ongoing mission to produce the finest soy sauce and food products. Each drop of Kimlan Soy Sauce has the potential to transform an ordinary meal into something exciting. The foundation of an exceptional sauce lies in superior soybeans, so we strictly select all of our ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Taiwanese and those that have tried our soy sauce around the world insist on Kimlan by name for that familiar taste of home that can only be found in our soy sauce. Its mellow, savory flavor has won over palates in Taiwan and across the globe. Our dedication to producing the finest products has propelled our success through 75 years in the business. Kimlan’s lovingly crafted sauces and pickles continue to hold a special place in the hearts of Taiwanese and our customers the world over.